Criminal Law

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Criminal Law

We understand that there can be unforeseen events in life that may place individuals in compromising situations. One of the qualities of our Firm that makes us different is that we do not view our criminal defendant clients as criminals.

From our first meeting, we are always interested in knowing your side of the story. The criminal justice system is complicated and overwhelming and at our Firm, we try to explain every aspect of the process to you to put your mind at ease. From the first day in court, defendants are not able to ever express their side and it seems like a one-sided list of alleged accusations of which can be overwhelming. We take your account of the events in question and relay them to the Prosecutor’s office using any and all pre-trial resources. We work hard to look at the Prosecutor’s case for weaknesses and inaccuracies to use to your advantage in plea negotiations and any subsequent trial.

We prepare your case through extensive pretrial work such as meetings with the Prosecutor, depositions, witness interviews, plea negotiations, case law and statutory research, possible suppression hearings and bench or jury trials.

Even after your case is over and if the result is a disappointment to you, we can take your case to the next level through an appeal and successive briefs filed with the Indiana Appellate Court and possibly to the Indiana Supreme Court.